How to succeed in foreplay?

Before having sex, it is always important to build up desire. Therefore, it is only successful foreplay that can help you. Read on to find out how to make foreplay work.

Some tips for successful foreplay

First of all, don't be in a hurry when you start foreplay. Take your time kissing and caressing each other. Everything should happen slowly to build up the desire between you and without either of you losing the momentum. Next, use all your senses in foreplay. Whether it's hearing, touching or smelling, everything should be used to get your partner's adrenaline going. If one of you likes cunnilingus or fellatio, this is the time to show him other facets of it. Finally, be innovative and daring. Try new things without forcing your partner. However, during foreplay, be sure to ask your partner if he likes what you're doing to him and watch for any signs he gives you.

How important is foreplay before sex?

Foreplay is a special time in a sexual relationship. First of all, it is an invitation to pleasure and it prepares two bodies to meet. Indeed, the foreplay awakens the body under the effect of the stimulation of the erogenous zones. Very often, many men skip this step whereas it is a guarantee of pleasure for women and for men too. Moreover, from an emotional point of view, the stage of the foreplay allows to discover each other in a more intimate way and to establish a relationship of confidence. Finally, it is the foreplay that allows a better vaginal lubrication for the woman so that the penetration happens without any discomfort. So you should never skip this step before going ahead with the act.